Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tribute to a friend

A tribute to Tanya Swanepoel who went to school with me. She oozed energy and joie de vivre. This picture from her sister Laurette's Facebook album. Tanya became a hemipligic after an accident and despite her handicap became one of South Africa's successful Paralympic athletes winning Silver and bronze in Sydney 2000 and then Gold and Silver at the World's in France 2002 and world record holder the the shotput for women. I have never heard of a hemiplegic before - only the term quadroplegic. Laurette kindly explained Tanya's conditions as follows, and I quote:

"Just one correction, she was Hemiplegic not Paraplegic. She was semi-paralysed down her right side. She had a speech impediment because of the paralysis in the right side of her tongue and she had no balance, so had to walk with a walking aid, but she could stand on her own. Paraplegics have usually lost the use of both legs and Quadriplegics have lost the use of both arms and legs. So now you have learned something! Very kind of you to do this for her.

Much love,

Tanya died of ovarian cancer 30th July, 2006.

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