Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Misty Morning - a farm in Kleinkaroo (part 2)

Misty morning continued .... it was early ... just before the sheep were let out into the fields where they spend the day what sheep do on a farm in the Karoo ... eating, sleeping, bleating, taking a few steps and generally just 'chill'.  The shiny eye effect is an accident of an amateur photographer and fortunately in my ignorance also seemed to capture the essence of the fogginess that morning.  I remember my hands were ice-cold and I had to shelter the little camera from getting misty-drippy.

This little house below with its bare fruit trees had an eery mysteriousness about it and remains one of my all-time favourite pictures.  It was a quiet morning with the sheep bleating somewhere in the distance by now and there seemed to be no one about.  There was a magical feeling hanging in the air and I was cautious not to disturb it and lingered in this spot for a while - very conscious of a feeling of 'this is great ... this is sufficient ...'

Next to the path were these 'garingplante' (proper name Agave) looking soft and velvety with the mist trapped on them. They are actually very hardy plants with vicious thorns - a member of the aloe family.  When there is a shortage of food for the animals the thorny bits get sliced off and given as fodder.  Also known sisal plant - gets used for making string amongst other uses. According to CSIR Agave Americana is the plant species that gave the world tequila.  Perhaps the farmers in the Karoo should be changing their focus?

There are quite a few of these houses dotted along the road I walked and quite a few city people have discovered the magic of this space and bought little properties like this for weekend escapes. 

Can't blame them .... I have never seen the stars quite so bright as here.  Where?  Situated on the famous R62  (quite close to this little town) in the Opzoekvalley - between Ladismith and Calitzdorp where some of the Country's best port comes from.

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