Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My vintage room, cheers and shells 'n twigs

It was a lot of fun decorating this room. Rich red wall with huge trellis. Crocheted bed cover, enamel teapot with spring flowers, old cane chair, sweet little desk and tiny stool. My grandfather's tobacco chopper on the dressing table. Diego obliged in the window.

The other side of the room .... the old book case got painted a sage green, with chicken mesh doors given a red paint treatment. Bits of old lace peeping out everywhere. In the foreground a small rack painted the same colour as the doors of the cupboard. All things old, quaint and nostalgic collected from my family dotted all over.

CHEERS....zzhhh .... another porcelain figure photographed in Italy the grape head arrangement.

Photographed in Bern at a florist. An arrangement of twigs, shells and sticks. The wreaths in the background have perlemoen shells, imported from South Africa woven into the arrangement. When I cut down long trailing bits from my bignonia sherere, I made a similar one. Make the wreath while its still green - stripping off all the leaves. Decorate when dry.
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