Monday, March 30, 2009

Shani - a Pretty Place indeed


My friend Edna has the cutest shop called Shani where you can linger for ages gazing at the twinkling beads in the showcases, wait for something to be custom pieced together by competent friendly girls, try out outfits with a vintage tweak and drool over the handbags ... be prepared to be tempted to buy something gorgeous!

Ever smiling Edna (black shirt with roses) are pictured with 2 of her assistants. Go visit!

Speaking of Somerset West .... I'll post some other interesting shops again sometime .. after all it IS my home town, a comprehensive Business and Info listing is Swest Info
Amongst the oodles of information about Somerset West is of course Bella Rosa

I'm a bit useless at making fiddly jewelry, and what is paticularly nice at Shani, is that the girls there are happy (and very competent) to make you earrings or necklaces with their most magnificent selection of beads and bits and pieces that go with it.

Another one of Edna's passions are her guest cottages on her and Theo's farm San Gabriel ... a hideaway here on our doorstep ... but that's a story for another day.

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