Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Owl ... the story continues


Two days ago I shared the story of a fluffy visitor in my garden The Unexpected Visitor It has been established that this darling creature is a spotted eagle-owl Bubo africanus

and I think I'll refer to him as Bubo as long as I'm privileged to have him visit our garden.

To my delight, Bubo was still there yesterday morning, in the same tree, and judging by all the poops, he'd been eating and s(h)itting there for quite a while ;).  Just look at those eyes! No wonder I was instantly smitten sitting there in the morning sun in all his fluffed up fluffiness looking coy and sweet.  Can one fall in love with an owl?  My friends who are photographic fundi's would be twitching and itching and I can hear them saying, 'oh if only I was there with my camera'.  Sorry guys and girls - next time there is an event like this I'll give you all a shout.

Back to my selfish indulgement of this delightful visit, upon closer inspection, I felt another pair of eyes boring into the back of my head. Another owl! A much larger owl, no doubt Mama Bubo (shall I call her Mambu?), sitting a few branches away, but watching me closely, very very closely.  Isn't she magnificent?

Bubo top left and Bubo bottom right
 Bubo (pronounced Booboo) - for my personal indulgement please

Mumbo glaring just a little
Please pardon my lack of skills here and the limitations of my Aim-and-Shoot but very willing little camera. Here is Mama owl from a bit closer (below). How sweet of her to pose so quietly - what an absolute beauty she is.  She graciously allowed me to tip-toe in the distance and posed kindly for a variety of photo's (SUCH a poser).  And then, delight upon merry delight and despite my shaky excited hands, then Bubo hopped over to join Mama, and the two posed together, (hence shakey picture).

Mumbo and Bubo in their hooty splendour
'Hey Mum, if I tell you that I love you, will you feed  me? You're so gorgeous mom. 
What lovely big eyes you have. 
I'm a bit hungry and its been absolute ages since I've eaten. 
Oh come on mom! 
Open up your beak just a little, 
let me have just a tiny peep. 
I'm sure there must be SOMETHING down there. 
Its AGES till sunset. 
Ooooh, come-on mom'.  

Just like my kids, they're teenagers / wannabe-adults and still don't know how to feed themselves!

Bubu fluffing himself for photo

'Ho hum, ho hum hmmm hmmmm hmmm
la la la tra la ... 
la la la... 
She's going to crack just now, any minute now, 
I just know it'. :D

Snuggle cuddle snuggle, 'oh come on mom, just a little snack' (just like my kids)
Bubo hops off to other branch 
'she's SO selfish .. sigh' 

Bubo and Mambu's visit to my garden is one of the most memorable visitations we've had of the feathered kind and I'll remember their visit in the Tipuana, a tree I planted myself a few years ago, with fondness. 

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  1. Magic! Daar is 'n broeipaar wat ook jaarlik hul kuikens in die boom voor ons huis grootmaak. Sorg vir groot opwinding en ons kleindogter, Nandi, wil net heeldag na die "hoe hoe" gaan kyk.


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