Friday, December 10, 2010

Nelipot: The begining of a new habit

Nelipot: The begining of a new habit:

"Im certain this blogging is going to become an addiction:) but i cant promise much because well ive tried keeping journals and little girl d..."

It's been a while now since I have discovered the pleasure of blogging - 3 years or so? ... well well - look who's dipping her toe into the water - my very own little girl. Until now I have never heard of the word Nelipot and had to look it up myself .. well what do you know:
"One who walks without shoes; one who goes barefoot.
The nelipot walked slowly, letting the mud squeeze up between his toes.
Catherine's blog is so fresh - and the picture of those bare feet - it says it all!  I have no doubt that she will certainly explore and make this space her own. Well done me gal! May those feet never stop exploring.

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