Monday, December 6, 2010

Yve's Pudding and Pie

After visiting an terminally ill family member in Hermanus, I went in search of coffee.  Coffee and something wickedly sweet is always good for an ache.  Vintage attracts me instantly and a tiny little shop caught my eye.

Vintage, shabby chic, all things pretty and pink.  Add to that wicked temptations and coffee and was just what I needed to cheer me up.  

Yve's Pudding and Pie is situated in Hermanus, right next to Fruit and Veg. (note - since this article was written they have since moved.  Find their details on the link). 

Filled to the brim with a wicked selection of cakes and tarts and a friendly blonde lass behind it all.

Yve surrounded by her pretty sweet world
Like mom like daughter? Yve's Mom, Angie, opened the original Pudding and Pie in Kleinmond 2 years ago.  Angie's secret recipes have no doubt been passed down to her daughter, who is going to go places for sure.

Good enough to eat
Everything is superbly displayed in the trademark candy striped pink and white walls, and accentuated with touches of vintage charm.  A lovely atmosphere and the few tables outside complete the picture.  Go visit - you won't be sorry.

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