Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour

With a name like Lady Bonin's Magnificent Tea Parlor, you can't help to take note!  A lady that had a vision and no doubt a passion and a story. And I love stories ... 

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour started as a mission to revolutionise the tea drinking culture, modernly - ultimately providing a healthy alternative to take-away coffee! Take-away tea!

The idea is to travel from place to place selling modernly and quickly brewed loose-leaf tea in Biodegradable packaging. The product selection also includes varying Ice-Teas and packaged tea in beautifully designed reusable and enviro-friendly glass jars.


With a caravan like that - it must have a story!  It was bought in Johannesburg

This 1975 Vintage Jurgens Caravan has been kept in its original condition with a few additions such as fantastic shelving by Isle Of Trees, modern wall paper, Indian curtains, bohemian, vintage and collectibles adding to the decor.

 If you spot this caravan, not only can you pull up a comfy cushion on a Persian carpet, but you can sit inside and be served tea traditionally by Lady Bonin herself!

Next  Event

5 June 2011
Holistic Lifestyle Fair
10h00 til 16h00
Obs Recreation Centre off Drake and Collingwood st, Observatory

More about Lady Bonin and her travelling tea parlor can be found here

A recent visit was at the popular Hathersage Market in Somerset West, where even a horse couldn't resist this delightful sight.

So, in the words of Lady Bonin herself 
" ...come along to the next market, sit in the caravan with me or on the cushions outside and enjoy the many infusions that will inspire your outlook on drinking pleasure!"

post script ... I have not had the pleasure of meeting Lady Bonin, but she has confirmed to me that she is the lady leaving over the teapot and since this picture has been taken

"now I have super short hair after donating it to CANSA for the shavathon in march.."

I'll let you know when I've had a cup of tea with the Lady Bonin in her traveling tea parlor. ;)

AND ......

I am thrilled to say that since this post I have recently had the privilege of meeting Jessica Bonin when she had a Tea Stall in my hometown Somerset West - a very special town based in the Western Cape in South Africa.

We met at Lourensford   .... and I found Jess as bubbly and refreshing as her lovely tea.

Do pop in to her website - this lady is going places.


  1. What a charming idea; a gypsey tea/coffee house! Would like to experience this. Miss Sonie

  2. Hi Karin,
    Well as true a Brit and so avid tea drinker, I totally applaud Lady Bonin! ;-))

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your interest in my book. As I self-published, it is available to buy directly from the publishers 'Blurb', wherever you are in the world. There is a link to my book, which takes you to their website, via my blog's sidebar and also on my shop's website. (This will lead you to a preview of the first few pages too.) Hope that helps.

    Love your blog - I shall add you to my links.
    Enjoy the rest of your week,


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