Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Miracle Dress?

Feeling sorry for myself after knee surgery, and spending much too much time recovering in bed, I found myself browsing one of my favourite cheer-me-up / inspirational blogs, ThePrettyBlog and couldn't resist entering their competition - just for the fun of it.

The criteria for the competition: 

"The infinity wrap dress by Fascinating Julia is just that. A dress with infinite styles, for all sorts of women. Inspired by fabric draping and Halston’s 1976 dress designs, the infinity dress is perfect for all shapes and sizes, perfect for bridesmaids – in fact, perfect for anything. Hailed as the “Miracle Dress”, the “Magic Dress” and the “Revenge Dress”, it can be dressed up, or dressed down.

The good news is that one lucky Pretty Blog reader can win their own “miracle dress”! All you need to do is tell us to what occasion you want to wear it and what colour is your favourite"

Miracle, Revenge and Magic! - words that matched my mood.  Miracle - wishing for one to take the endless pain away. Revenge - The Surgeon's words of 'minor procedure' claimed that one.  Magic - what self-respecting girl can resist that word - and combined with the words 'infinity dress', I found the words pouring effortlessly through my fingers onto the competition entry page of ThePrettyblog:

5 July 2011 at at 5:55 pm
When a woman has been in bed for just on a month, recovering from a so-called minor knee procedure, she seriously needs a miracle to feel perky again, to have a reason to get dressed up for a date, to faff and fluff and titivate – all for the sake of looking gorgeous. When a woman hobbles past the mirrors in the house, and the reflection frightens her, when the cat tootles off when she comes into the kitchen and the children start making apologies to their friends – for their wild looking mother – that woman needs a miracle. That woman is me!"

I didn't really  give it much thought after that, so I was really surprised when I heard that, out of 160 entries, each one begging  elegantly and eloquently to own their own little miracle dress, that I WON!

Thank you very very much to ThePrettyBlog

I am thrilled to absolute bits! Isn't this simply gorgeous?  The miracle, revenge magic dress!  And it's MINE!


I've won the MIRACLE DRESS!
and I'll be listening for the doorbell every day.
By the way, the cat's curled on my lap, that woman in the mirror doesn't look that bad anymore, I'm getting hugs from my kids again and their friends come to say hallo. Isn't life just great?
From one miserable cat  ...

 to one happy cat!


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  1. Congrats! Can't wait to see you in this fabulous dress! Have to create special occasion for dress! S


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