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Just Knysna

Just Knysna? Somehow Knysna and the word 'just' in the same sentence just doesn't seem right.  I took a little trip to Knysna with my daughter and a friend to celebrate the end of her 12 year of schooling.  There is SO much to do in Knysna for both tourists and local visitors. Go to any Knysna website if that is what you want. But you can also go there to just relax or 'chill' as my children says.  And 'chill' we did.  We stayed at Knysna River Club (again) and if you look at the pictures on any website, you'll see why.   So, to start off our chill holiday, we first went for a walk on the pier and along the lagoonside. 

So, this set us into instant 'chill' mood after the long busy road trip from Cape Town.  Pretty isn't it? The photo above is with the tide in, and below is a bit later with the tide out.  Oh gawsh, I could live with that - a change of scene every day!.  The weather was overcast, but didn't dampen our spirits.

Where's this place?  In South Africa, on the Garden Route, just in case you wondered. Listed under South Africa's Top 10 favourites, its a place to charm the most fastidious person :) 

Oh, the view if I turn around?  

That's The Heads in the distance.  Not going to give you a history lesson - but have a look here  here and perhaps here. When you wander down the paved walk-way along the edge of the lagoon, you're bound to take a stroll on this pier - aiming straight at the ever famous Knysna Heads.

This is not to tell you about all the amazing places for tourists - but a just a typical day in Knysna - in chill-fashion.

A good spot to come enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or with an early cuppa coffee when the birds wake up.  And then go into town and indulge in a few more lazy experiences, away from the crowds.  The Waterfront is an extremely popular place, but I chose the side streets where I discovered The Tin House Cafe.

The comfortable couches and setting under the trees just did it for me - far from everything - at least it felt like it.  Every night these couches get carried in by Bernice and her team and all unpacked again in the morning.  

The interior had pretty touches like this high against one wall.

These people got really comfortable .. can  understand why.

The cuppacino and carrot cake not bad at all.

Owner Bernice and her daughter Kayli make a charming team.

A few other pretty things caught my eye ...
like these two wheelbarrows full of pretty flowers

....  interesting roof decor in a little shop

I am always drawn to hearts like this one

A car guard with white gloves directing the cars - with huge grin on his face

A pooch waiting patiently on the back of a bakkie for her owner to return

Another friendly looking restaurant 

Each day it was a delight to return to the tranquility of Knysna River Club.  

Paddle Boats for residents

Such a gem this  place.
The quaint and well-equipped cottages of Knysna River Club
Oh, what the heck, here's a another lovely pic - I just have to share it with you.

Back to the girls at our cabin.  Girls being girls had a few braids put in their hair by a girl that specially came in from the township .

Mmmmm - how we looking mom?  Sure got some attention after this.

Another day we discovered Il de Pain  (Island of Bread) where I could have easily spent much more time.  The bread, the cakes, the smells,the people, the hmmmm - what shall I order.  Temptations in abundance. Don't you just love the decor?

Image from their website

The following description of the owners found on their website: 

For Liezie and Markus, île de païn is a world that includes all the small farmers, producers and others who have been handpicked to supply the uncompromisingly wholesome and flavourful ingredients essential to their art. Their philosophy of good craftsmanship, integrity and simplicity, rooted in a deep and sophisticated understanding; and their intention to share their enthusiasm and love for food and life with others - these are what draw so many people to île de païn. Guests respond to the energy of the place, and in turn fill it with life, adding to the unique experience that it is. To Markus and Liezie, île de païn is “more than food. It is our sanctuary, our playground, our canvas.” "

I had this brioche french toast with berry compote and mascarpone.  It was wickedly, scrumptiously, sinfully delightful - every mouthful.

The girls got braids in their hair and mama got bells on her ankle - now I jingle a bit. 

The girls did their own retail therapy and had the need for some serious cheesecake on another day.  Afterwards at Caffe Mario's at the Waterfront.

This local Italian Restaurant received good reviews on Tripadvisor.  Let me just add here that good company and good food go hand in hand.  I was thrilled to meet up with two nephews (brothers) who I have rediscovered recently and who both, on separate occasions, took me to Caffe Mario. Thanks Cliffie and Mike!  I can see why you love this place.   

The bridge provided an interesting subject for a photograph.

Goodbye school - Hallo Knysna!

Girls celebrating freedom after 12 years of school

Looking good, you soon to be consumed piece of cheesecake!

Another day, another venue - 34 Tapas and Oysters at Thesens Island set the scene for a lovely dinner.  Friendly and chatty staff with good service.

Words like 'lovely' and hmmm and 'can we live here'? come to mind.

Darn, it must be so tough living here, tsk.  

Pretty chilled Knysna ... yep!

Note:  For this article the Management of Knysna River Club / Knysna Logg-Inn very kindly presented me with an accommodation voucher for a few days.  What a lovely gift!  Thank you so much. What a pleasure to visit you again and again.

More about Knysna / Plett here
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  1. Love every detail of this post and as I know each and every one of these places, it's all the more special! Thanks for sharing this special trip Karin, I feel as if I was there with you!!

  2. Thank you! You've captured it perfectly :) I've been living in Knysna for a few years and there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be.

  3. Oh I love comments and so with I could thank 'Anonymous' by name! :D


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