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Just Kleinmond, Harbour and Wild Horses

(What a pity this clip had been removed. It was a family video depicting typical family holidays in Kleinmond)

 For a number of years now we have been going to Kleinmond over the Christmas holidays.

Its one of those little towns that just grows on you.  Situated in the Overberg region, its not as busy and popular as its neighboring town Hermanus.  Kleinmond is significantly smaller for one and also a lot quieter.  So, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and settle for a simpler getaway, with long beaches, two lagoons, hugged by mountains, surrounded by nature in general,  ... you've come to the right place.  Having said that, there has been a lot of activity at the quiet old harbour in Kleinmond, and some new developments are taking place.  Its taking shape and I think it can only do the little town good.  It was time for a bit of new life to be injected there.

Come stroll with me and I'll show around at the harbour and a few other places, and THE WILD HORSES. (The photo's about the wild horses are towards the end of this blog article.)  There are some lovely shops to browse around in and plenty of restaurants to stop for a bite to eat.

As usual, the vintage always lures me.  

Red doors, red posts - all very inviting

A local artist painted this mural on one of the walls, representing some of the little shops.

Rainspider (below) is a popular shop for art supplies, beautiful dolls houses (for collectors) and lovely gifts.

I couldn't help  noticing the detail of Rainspider captured by the local artist on his wall mural

All very pretty ...

The Fishing Cat - filled with baubles and bows

The harbour was closed for almost a year with all the building and revamping and was reopened recently with much pomp and ceremony.  I was so thrilled to see that they planted indigenous trees as part of the ceremony.  Kleinmond has a lovely local newspaper called the Overstrand Herald and they covered the events pretty well.

Food shopping is mainly done at the other end of the town, and one of my favourites for fresh produce is Die Bloubakkie. The story goes that a number of years ago, during the holiday season, a farmer came from over the mountain with his blue bakkie (cab) filled to the brim with fresh produce from his farm to sell to the holidaymakers. He became a familiar site next to the main road, and became so popular that even the locals could not wait for his return.  Die Bloubakkie now has a permanent position and I just love popping in there.  Such a friendly place.

(Unsure of origin of this photo)
The Botriver Lagoon is a favourite amongst all kinds of nature lovers.  Its a birdlovers paradise  as well as popular amongst canoists and fisherman.

These small colourful boats are synonomous with the beauty of Kleinmond's lagoon. Successfully run by a an equally colourful lady called Beaulah - rent your little cano from her and if you're lucky you'll srike the jackpot and see the wild horses grazing on the banks just beyond the bridge.  Carry on reading and you'll see some more about them.    

Beaulah's colourful boats to rent

Sandown Blues
Breakfast, lunch or dinner at the ever popular Sandown Blues with ever changing scenery at your feet.  The food's pretty good too!
Beulah's Bootjies

Beulah's Bootjies with Sandown in the background
In summertime the streets become abuzz with holidaymakers and I love to watch the children of all ages become a little silly again and scoot around.
A happy Kleinmond scooter
 The view below taken from Sandown Blues
Taken from Sandown Blues
Grab a cano and you'll see scenes like this.

Part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, the Botriver Estuary is one of the largest estuarine systems in the Western Cape, covering an area of approximately 14 square kms.

Its heartwarming to see others also passionate about the area, like Mr John Bradfield, who visits the area often.

This stretch of sand is between the beach and the Botriver Lagoon on your right.  The mountains with ever changing clouds often present the perfect backdrop for an amateur photographer like me.  My husband often goes up the lagoon with his trusted cano.  One morning early I went with him.

Once on the huge expanse of water, you forget about everything else.  Perfect reflections below.

A canoist guiding his cano under the wooden bridge 

Canoing at Kleinmond Lagoon

On numerous occasions hubby had come back and told me about the wild horses and on this morning we hoped to see them.  Alas - the wind came up, and if you are sensible, you turn around whilst the going is good.  We did just that but I was disappointed that we didn't see the horses.  The photographs that morning were particularly good though - thanks to the obliging clouds and reflections on the water.

(Hugh often takes his fishing rod and always tries hard to explain to me what kind of fish he caught before releasing it again. I have to confess - they all look the same to me.)  He has even caught ambitious terrapin with vicious beaks.  Once he saw a fish eagle feeding her baby - a rare and enviable sight.

Anyway, after the disappointment of not seeing the horses that day, we went to Rooiwalle the next day (en route to Hermanus before Arabella) to go to a bird hide.  Who knows, perhaps I too would also see the elusive fish eagle whose cry has always lifted my mood whenever I hear it.  We never got to the bird hide, because .... because ... just to the left of us, was the biggest gift of all ... 

Do click on the photographs that they fill  your screen to really appreciate them.  They're not the best quality and I hope to return soon with my new fancy pancy zoom camera!  

Little old Kleinmond - big on treasures.  Pretty indeed.  Next time maybe the fish eagle?

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All photographs my own.  Thanks for visiting / sharing my blog.


  1. Hi KarinH,

    This must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Your photographs are superb and really bring this across.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best for 2012.

  2. Thank you John and Emilene - it will always be close to my heart.

  3. Baie dankie! Dis 'n pragtige stuk oor ons dorp.

    1. Groot plesier Trisa - dankie vir die inloer. Kleinmond bly kosbaar.

  4. Your site is simply lovely! I used to spend childhood holidays on the Palmiet river on my grandfather's houseboat. We used to row across to Buchanan point, and take a ride to the harbour, get fresh fish, and have brekkie at one of the corner cafe's. Such good memories. I must come back instead of rushing thro to Hermanus! Sue


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