Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Its no secret that I love my garden - sometimes more than others - especially during Spring.  Its not at its best right now, because we live in the winter rainfall area of the Western Cape - and its in the middle of a very dry summer at the moment. So, apart from keeping plants alive and some basic tidying, sweeping and cutting back - its quite a tedious and boring time. Everything looks a bit bleh to my critical eye.


However, the other day was an exception.  A friend of mine (a freelance stylist) and a photographer friend Neville (who could be Josh Groban's lost brother), came to dress up corners in my garden for a photo shoot.  And what a fun day it was! 

Danny the Stylist and 'Josh' double' - the photographer

Danny hung some colourful flags in front of the old wendyhouse (now a toolshed). A chair here, a pair of pink galoshes there and a few pretty cushions and all set for the perfect picture. An instant transformation!

An old wrought iron baby cot was carefully positioned on a bed of obliging ivy. A mosquito net was hung from a convenient branch and some really pretty cushions turned it into a fairy tale setting.  The strands of ivy that I was tempted to clip a few days earlier looked relieved to be found useful.

I picked up this delightful old wrought iron frame long ago.  Prettied up with ribbons, bottles and baby pink roses - it certainly was dressed for the occasion.  

The boring dormant garden came alive with all the fuss and even the pets joined in the fun.  

Quick take the pic before I fall in!
Is this my good side?

I always use chopped down logs in the garden to hold back soil.  This is a piece of
Strelitzia Nicolai dotted with stones. Just because.

Stacked stones - also just because.

I just love the bark of trees.  Especially because I planted these trees as saplings.
Well, I planted pretty much everything you see.

The old wendy  house provided endless playing hours for my daughter and her friends.  

Shh - A sneaky pic of the photographer Josh - I  mean Neville!

The old wrought iron cot dressed and fluffed up

Looking so good - here's another one

The wrought iron stand - jinne maar jy's pragtig.

That pretty wrought iron - left to rust in peace. 

These old doors are a favourite of mine. They were saved before being dumped.It belonged to a friend's grandmother. Neither my family or hers could really understand why I wanted it.  

Doorway to a section of the garden

Many a visitor have been charmed by it and here it is - looking glamorous with lanterns each side, each with a floppy over-sized rose in it.  My photo's not as beautiful as the photographer's - but these of mine are worth sharing. 

Oh what the heck - the wendy house looks so good, let's look at it again.

Only one thing could complete the picture - a table dressed for tea.

Thanks Danny and Neville.  What a great day!


  1. Wow Karin! Waar gaan die fotos verskyn? Dit lyk amazing! Jy het duidelik 'n oog vir 'gems'!

  2. Sissi I loved this walk through your magic garden and seeing the many little nooks where fairies surely thrive. x

  3. Really so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. Love all of your pics! Well done!

  4. Karin, I would love to sit in your garden anytime. I certainly could find Pretty Again!


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