Sunday, May 27, 2012

Magpie, Barrydale

In my opinion you get the first sniff of the Karoo  when you get to Barrydale once you've come through the Tradoux Pass and certainly a deserved place to linger and stretch your legs before taking the somewhat barren stretch towards Ladismith.  I was looking forward to my visit to my brother who had recently moved to the Hoeko Vallei.

Stop for a breather and a cup of coffee at the many quaint little places along the way.  And its really worthwhile turning off into the side-streets.  I love all the old houses and everyone should pop into The Magpie where the most amazing chandeliers are created from all sorts of recycled material. 

You will be charmed by the 'Petal Ampoule Couture' - beaded, knitted, crafted dress designed to dolly up a simple LED bulb. 

Sean below kindly let me take a few photographs (my camera would not co-operate so this was done with my cell-phone) 

Petal Ampoule Couture - such a gorgeous name for these creations

(... NOT impressed that my camera was uncooperative at all!...) the twig and fairy light chandeliers had a magic of their own

Cute ornaments on a window ledge - peering out at the stormy skies.  

At a glance I would never have guessed that these were made of old milk plastic bottles till Sean pointed it out.

27 van Riebeeck Street,

ps I believe there are quite a few of their creations in the Barrydale Hotel just across the road.

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  1. Pragtig! Die tak met fairy lights lyk soos iets wat jy in jou huis sal gebruik. xx


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