Sunday, June 24, 2012

West Coast Flowers, Memories and a Beach house with a difference

Cute old houses have always fascinated me.  A few years ago, when my mom was still alive, I took her and her younger sister on a road trip to our west coast which is famous for its springflowers.  People come from all over every year to see sites like this

and this one (borrowed from my friend Sonja) pictured below with her friend Susan

The wild flowers of our country deserves its own post, which I will do another time.  (Have a look here).   But the flowers are such an easy distraction, I know - so I had to sneak these two in.

To come back to my trip with my late mom and her sister, and me and cute old houses, this was one I stopped for to take this picture

We stayed in this cute cottage

We meandered and explored many towns much to my elderly companions' delight.  We came accross this house in a tiny town called Redelinghuys.   Take a close look at the next few pictures of this particular little house we found.  The entire house was artistically decorated / painted with the most exquisite scenes.

The scene above is painted on the side wall of a house.  In some places its tricky to see what is painted and what is real.  For instance, next to the painted woman peering over the door, is something dangling with a shadow.  And the shutters next to that .. is that painted or real?

And below - I have a feeling that rope on the corner is real .... or isn't it?

And a side view.  See what I mean?  Confusingly beautiful.  This was a drab boring house which would probably not even get a second glance normally - but now its a showstopper!

I'm so glad I found these pictures.

My late Mom (left) and her sister Lina. 

Treasured memories of a lovely trip.


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