Monday, June 4, 2012

Where is Pretty in MSA?

It took me a while to find the right title for this blog  At the time I wasn't even sure what blogging was about and what on earth I would write about. Some people have just so much to say and to talk about which can be very intimidating to say the least.  (Just a wee little confession here) ... 

Initially I chose the name Pentolina after a magical place I visited on a trip overseas a few years ago with my friend Wendy. Later on I realised that Pentolina was about a personal experience at that moment (but forever tucked into my heart).  Over time the blog evolved into this where I have shared experiences and photo's of not only places, but also life and people in general.  Somewhere it dawned on me that it is that something special, that special element at that moment that I want to share.  The word 'pretty' is so simple but its because of that that I try to capture the basic element of beauty in a place / moment / person.

Somewhere on the righthand-side of my blog you will find a post about a special person in my life, my friend Sonja who writes a blog about her incredible journey with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and how it has and is affecting her life.  This is not one of those grim blogs at all, but one of such courage and inspiration, where in the midst of her personal battle, Sonja is reaching out to other patients like her all over the world and become a voice for this rare and crippling condition. 

From being an dancer, gym instructor, hiking,  camping outdoorsy girl - always ready for an adventure - my friend now dances with her fingers on the keyboard of her laptop - sending out inspirational messages to MSA friends all over the world despite her own limitations. 

The greatest excitement in her life at the moment is not a cure (that is our continued hope and prayer!) - but that a few friends have rallied round and will be walking the Camino to Santiago for her and for the continued awareness campaign of MSA.
Sonja and Karin 

I know that my friend will be walking with them in spirit and I salute all of you (perhaps Sonja will provide their names below) - who have been practicing for months and are about to set off.

My blog is about finding pretty - and my friend's 'pretty' is woven into my heart forever. 

First day of the Camino de Santiago has begun. 

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  1. Dearest friend, somehow I missed this one and only discovered it today. Thank you for your unfailing support. You bring so much light to this difficult journey. Love, Sonja


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