Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amulet, Hermanus

A bit of music to set the tone for our visit to a little shop in Hermanus called Amulet :)

Apart from the many tourist attractions that Hermanus is so well-known for, many interesting shops are dotted all over.  Its worthwhile meandering into the back- and side-streets and you are bound to discover a few gems.

Amulet is no exception and the pink frontage is an indication of the treat that waits inside.

Owner Helene Truter became a favourite character in a local soapy called Vetkoekpaleis, a programme that many South Africans followed diligently.  My late Dad for one was a huge fan.  Nowadays "Antie Poppie", as she was fondly known, together with her husband Percy Pretorius, and their daughter Jana have embraced this coastal town in the Overberg.  A while ago I read about their new venture in one of my favourite local magazines, Sarie, and decided today was a good day to come look for them. Unfortunately Helene was away for the day, but Manager Talitha and Helene's husband Percy were generous with information about Amulet.

Owner Helene Truter
 (such a pity I missed you)

I felt a bit homesick for my own little shop that I had for a while, BellaRosa.  Pretty things hanging from all kinds of contraptions ranging from sticks to ladders created a whimsical atmosphere.  Add elements of vintage and chic and add a good measure of romantic bits and pieces dotted all over and you get a pretty pleasing picture.

A Peeping view through the hanging bits and bobs

Tweetin' Music!

A colourful magazine I paged through with lots of local news

vintage ... whimsical ... romantic ...

ribbons ... lace ... hints of nostalgia ...

Pretty Amulet!

ps - divine cappuccino and I believe the cheesecake is good! You'll find their details here   Other nice places in the Overberg / Hermanus area is here and here and here and here

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4 High Street Hermanus

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