Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pajamas and Jam - Restaurant / a warm Vintage Experience

In Afrikaans we have an expression 'so 'n bek kort jam' - literally translated a mouth that deserves a sweet treat.  And here, at Pajamas and Jam, there are plenty of treats - visually and for your appetite.  Situated in an unexpected and otherwise drab area of Somerset West Industrial area, expect to be  pleasantly surprised.  A great team, Mother Sandra and her 2 daughters Natasha and Melissa, have combined their creative gifts and the result is a friendly, warm place, called Pajamas & Jam.  Surrounded by all kinds vintage and old memorabilia, one cannot help but feel at home and its easy to understand why patrons become regulars. Once you step inside the door below the Pajamas and Jam sign, you're bound to get this 'I'm home' feeling. 

Temptation Alley. (Go hungry advised)

Try not to trip over your tongue when passing the daily display of cakes and tarts as you aim for a table.  You'll probably change your mind a few times before ordering, which doesn't surprise me because the evil counter of temptation wins every time I go there.

If that is not enough, the menu sports some more treats.  While you wait for your meal, there is plenty to feast your eyes on in the decor - a fine collection of vintage, antique and collectible items, a feeling much  like stepping back in time.

Here are a few random photos.  Perhaps you might recognize someone you know.

The family is not big on boasting about where and when they have been featured in the Press, so let me enlighten you.  A new South African Film, Vloeksteen, used the location for some of their scenes. Some of SA's best actors feature in the series, like Marius Weyers, and with Regardt van den Berg as Producer.  Not bad for  Strand at all.

Apart from that, Pajamas & Jam have also been featured in a few local magazines, one of them the Home Magazine.  Here is an article about Sandra's son's home, Morne ... being surrounded by so many talented women in his life obviously had an influence.

Without further ado, have a look at Pajamas & Jam - and if you're in the area, do pop in to 32 vanZyl Street, Strand, Cape Town.  

Phone021 854 6408

Loads to browse in the background - even a hanging car

Water anyone?

Pick a friendly looking table

Or a friendly chair

An Angel left her wings here for a while!

All things Fabulous! Flowers, food and people!

Carrot cake or lemon meringue,
 tough decision

Help yourself to water- wraggies!
Presentation & Service & Taste - perfect combination

 Pajamas & Jam - I think you'll like it :)

A great combination of good company, pleasing ambiance and lovely food, not to mention that it is an absolute feast for the eye.  All this fits the requirements for what I look for to blog about - in finding pretty again.

PS  If you have found Pajamas & Jam via this link - please tell them to give this gal a cappuccino and piece of cake underneath from those bells on the house next time she visits. ;)

Phone021 854 6408

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  1. Hi Karin! Lieflik, soos altyd. So mooi vertel. Dankie dat jy Pajamas en Jam met my gedeel het. Ek voel verryk! xxx

  2. Wat 'n ervaring, onlangs besoek afgelê en jul plek gate uit geniet! Well done!

  3. Pajamas & Jam remain one of my most popular blogarticles. For my own statistics I would appreciate it if you leave me a note if you found it because of this article. Thanks for popping in. :)


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