Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Romantique Hermanus

After spending a lovely morning in Amulet, Hermanus, I ventured to Romantiques – also in Hermanus.  A delightful shop that instantly takes you back in time and I felt like I was in a time warp as I strolled from room to room.  They have moved premises since I discovered them a few years ago and they have just got bigger and better.  Nostalgia at its best.

4 Friends who all love old things got together and created this fascinating place.  Extremely well organised and orchestrated eg an entire room filled to the brim with the finest crockery and cutlery, another one overflows with toys from bygones days.  Dinky toys, aeroplanes, collectors train sets and all kinds of toys from long ago.

One room is filled with antique jewellery, all in display cases.  Another one with old records, gramophones and radios.  Upstairs the entire loft is overflowing with old, old clothes beautifully displayed – some not for sale.  I bought 2 pairs of old gloves – I have a weakness for them.  The one pair comes up the elbow with tiny little buttons – both leather.

The room that is my personal favourite, is the proper, pucker, dink-um old-fashioned movie house with old cinema chairs, vintage posters and old velvet curtains in front of the screen.    Real old reel to reel movies are shown.  See lower down.

Military uniforms and momento’s, farm implements, books, furniture … the list is endless. Let the photo’s lead you – the lighting wasn’t too great – that, a little camera and a photographer who needs to learn some tricks don’t do this magical place justice.

Oh, and the reason you won't find a website for them, is because they prefer the 'old fashioned way'.  No website, no blog, no facebook, no credit or debit card facilities .... only cash!

Oh .. and before I forget - I'm off to take pics at another lovely place and then I'll be distracted and want to get this blog of now ... the pucker old fashioned (of course) counter with old functional till (of course) on top, are stacked with glass screw top jars filled with stars sweets, those peachy sweets and many more from 'our days' ... (of course).

Sweets and Sweets and Sweets ... for sale!  Not just display.
Why am I not surprised to see Charlie's poster in the movie theatre.
Or his ;)

And in my opinon, the dandiest thing is the proper functioning fantastic Movie House with a great selection of old movies.  Programme available from Romantique.
The Proper Functioning Fantastic Old Fashioned Movie Theatre

The old seats in the theatre.  See old posters.
The View Finder
 And last, but certainly not least, in the movie theatre was a box like piece of furniture with two little windows in it.  Eek fuzzy picture ... On the side was a light switch (a real old toggle thingy) and then there was a knob you turned.

It was a View Finder.  And what did I see?

Real old old old OLD photographs during the war etc. - like the two below.

Add caption
Of course I think I was quite clever to get these two pics standing on my tippy toes, flicking the light and turning the knob and focusing to get these two images.  Don't you?
Cronje's men at Modder river waiting to be assigned to tents in British Prison Camp, S.A.

And that's a fact!  Take cash - or a cheque can you believe it?

And the ladies of Romantique?  mmmm how shall I put it ... they are kind of 'old fashioned' - but in the nicest possible way.

Address:  14 Aberdeen St, Hermanus.  (I wonder if they are in the book now that I think of it.)   

Website: This is as close as you'll get to it.  Read again ... no website, no facebook, no card facilities.  Dinkum!

Tel:  028 -312 -4226

Be nice - if you read this, drop me a line.  And if you go visit them and tell them you saw it on my blog - tell them?

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