Tuesday, August 28, 2012

West Coast Flowers

A sudden trip up the West Coast was quite rewarding.  The first burst of flowers were near Darling,  a feast for the eye after being held up by too many stop-go interruptions of the roadworks from Malmesbury.  I'm not going to say too much - give you a few links of the places I stopped along the way, and let the pictures tell its own story.

The next two were taken between Klawer and Piketberg - the field of daisies stretched further than my eyes could see. Judging by the link and the sleeping vineyards, the wine-route promises to be a pleasant alternative when the flowers aren't a blooming distraction.  I would have loved to have had a picnic in this field - the padlocks said a definite NO.

The next few pictures were taken at Velddrift, a lovely little fishing village on the Berg River.  It's the quaintest little town and I now regret not staying here longer.   Bokkom Boulevard  seemed like a good place to be at sunset with a bottle of wine.

The trading times, '9 tot gatvol', is most descriptive - and I want to come back for that.

A lovely al-fresco painting against a wall.

They were closed when I stopped (must have been gatvoltyd), but you would sit at a counter where the yellow Boat Trips sign is, and your view, while you sit there till 'gatvoltyd, will be.......

... the view will be below.  A riverboat lies anchored .  I  imagine it to be quite pleasant on the seemingly tranquil Bergriver, and then to come and sit till 'gatvoltyd' at the kiosk overlooking it.

I love this picture below - is it the red boat perhaps?

These were taken in Nieuwoudtville

Somebody, sometime decided to attempt at chopping down this tree.  Really?  Is there a grave nearby somewhere that says: '...and here lies Jack, died during his gallant one man attempt to chop down the tree in Church Street, in Nieuwoudtville ..'  I'd love to know the true story of this tree.  

On the way back from Nieuwoudtville there was an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere with the most exquisite array of flowers.  The setting was so beautiful, almost as if it was left there on purpose.

An abandoned rusted 'bakkie' deserves a second picture.  I imagine doing a road-trip in it, with Chester on back and a fantastic picnic basket with copious amounts of wine.  Perhaps even a tent.

Back home, Chester - I think the only one that missed me .... where you been Mum?

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