Friday, September 7, 2012

Knysna River Club says Thank You :)

I have been blogging for a number of years - basically because enjoy snapping photo's of things and places and felt it a shame that no one else can see them.  Hence this blog.  Its rather difficult to know who exactly reads your blog and whether it actually interests anyone and why.  Now and then someone will comment - giving one an idea of your audience.  Its never been my intention to write these articles for money and generally just for the fun of it.   Now and then I'll get a thank you note from a particular place that was mentioned which is kind of nice.

Today proved to be different.  

This morning we checked in to Knysna River Club again for a little break. We've been here a few times and love coming here.  Hubby couldn't wait to get to explore the lagoon with a canoe and I succumbed to a snooze and later lazed on a couch with a book when there was a knock at the door. Not expecting visitors and already in a seriously relaxed state of mind, I was also not dressed to receive guests. The last time a nice looking man knocked at our holiday chalet was when he wanted to sell us something.

So I did not budge from my slouching position on the couch and was probably not looking too welcoming.  Well, the dear man turned out to be the Marketing Manager of Knysna River Club.

I was totally taken aback when he kindly continued to introduce / explain himself and said that he was just shown my blog that I had written last year after a visit to River Club.   He came to thank me personally for this and as a token of appreciation will I accept a gift of accommodation for two days.  

How very very nice indeed.  Thank you Knysna River Club! 

Knysna River Club is virtually hidden from the Main Road.  Don't be misled - this is what it looks like on the water's edge.

Night time -  photo taken from the jetty.

The best way South Africans relax - with a braai.  What better place than right here.

Comfortable, neat and cozy wooden chalets dotted all over.

Paved walkways between the chalets with well-kept gardens.

See you soon!

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  1. Hi Karin, how very rewarding to receive recognition for what you do so well! Enjoy those extra days! Sonja


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