Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Relaxing in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna

We love going to the Garden Route and this trip was no exception.  We stayed in Plett for a couple of days.

Wanting to get away from the rat-race and drawn to the quieter places - we popped in here and there - not buying anything but stopping for coffee every now and then.

  Old Nic's Place has always been a favourite for most tourists.  Fortunately for us it was a quietish morning (not so great for the shops though).   All sorts of interesting little curio and other shops - go see the link above.  Always attracted to something different, this mural in a lovely linen shop did it for me.

As did this rustic table made from driftwood.  

 The Pottery Place has a great selection for any collector - a few items caught my eye.

Enamelware with typical Afrikaans phrases and words - not a bad idea to package for overseas family / friends.  

Lovely mugs.

mmm The mugs won the prize for attracting my attention.

This was quite an unusual piece of artwork in my opinion and made up from barnicles cleverly pieced together.  I would imagine it to be quite fragile to transport though.

A good sense of humour - this sign was placed next to a bench.

This little curio shop had some lovely things and the owner was chatty - despite the fact that he probably could tell straight away that we were simply 'looking' and not serious buyers.  We were generous with our compliments for certain of his wares which I think delighted him.  Like these ceramic pots below that are handcrafted by a lady called Jacqui from Kleinmond.  The detail in these little pots are exquisite!
This graceful bronze statue was aptly named "Diva". 

The musical trio below stole the show for me.  I'm  not sure what they were crafted out of.  Tall elongated musicians with beautiful detail.  No joins anywhere.   

A close-up of the voilinist.

Another relaxing place to visit is 7km's out of Plett towards Knysna where you will find The Heath - worth spending an hour or two there. The Heath is much more than a farm-stall.  More like a bohemian store that has a craft shop, food store, kitchen, various forest based activities, a lavender labyrinth and many child-orientated activities.   Also situated there is Radical Raptures, a birds of prey rehabilitation and awareness centre that aims at community awareness, and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of birds of prey.
 A good place for a cupacino and a light meal.  Loved the rustic tin decor.


 The chandeliers below were made from recycled / tumbled glass.


 An angel of cement guarding the entrance of one of the little shops

... and another heavily pregnant one  (NOT cement) flying inside ...

The colourful entrance to the lavender labyrinth.

Back in Plett for sunset dinner - Moby Dick's (right on the sea and overlooking Beacon Island Hotel).  Calamari good and reasonably priced.  The setting the best.


The view from Moby Dick.

Another day - off to Knysna - beautiful Knysna. 

A visit is never complete for us without visiting Belvidere.  The Old Rectory - still as charming as ever.

The entrance to the little church at Belvidere.

A warm spring day - Knysna Lagoon looking at the famous Heads.

In the distance, Featherbeds - another popular place to visit.  

It was such a perfet day, it deserves another picture of the Heads.

There are hundreds of coffee-shops and restaurants in Knysna.  To me its nice to find the ones slightly off the beaten track, but not compromising in service or appeal.    Tin House Cafe is  one such place I  make a point of spending some time - run by a lovely family - a Mum / Dad / daughter team.  Delightful!  I've mentioned them before here - where you'll find a few more pics of this lovely place.

I'm always quietly thrilled when I discover another little coffe-shop / restaurant and the next one is no exception.  Situated next to the old Library, this little restaurant is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in Knysna.  Changed hands many times, it is now under the ownership of a Mike and Estelle Mudge - a local couple.  I had not visited it for a number of years and was pleasantly surprised with all the canges.  Now the magic wand is evident in the fresh and bright decor. Initially known as Joan's and seen the changes of Knysna.  Friendly Mary-Anne has been there for 26 years and started there as a casual when she was 14.  Her mum worked there for 30 years!   Mary-Anne spoke highly of her latest employers and proudly boasted that the fresh  produce comes from their farm.  The old floorboards had been lovingly sanded and restored.  I was hoping to meet Eddie, a local patron who have been coming there for 14 years, every day, for his favourite appletart!  He is so at home there apparantly, he even brings his own cup!  So next time you don't feel like going to the busy harbour, or the noisy mall, go meet at Cozi Cafe.  They're open in the evenings too I see. 

Lovely al fresco decor. A sparkling chandelier, happy clients' ramblings on one wall, a  cheerful green wall, and two gorgeous paintings of arum lillies - a favourite flower of mine - completes the picture.

Enough to cheer he gloomiest day.

'Onnodig lekker' - something like 'senselessly delicious' if that makes any sense ;)

Lovely Mary-Anne.  I hope someone will show her this picture and perhaps even print her a copy.


'Omsingel deur mooigeid, vrolikheid en lekker kos'.  Translated it would mean something like: Surrounded by prettiness, cheerfulness and good food.

Thanks Mary-Anne.

Thank you Knysna - until next time.

 Pretty in Plett and Knysna - again - of course!
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More about Knysna here


  1. Hello! Loved it! Loved it!! Loved it!! Awesome blog. I feel like getting in my car and heading up the East Coast right now. Simply have to see everything you described so beautifully. Perhaps Mary-Anne will make me a fabulous cuppacino. xxx

  2. Thanks Helene - Knysna and Plett has a way of seeping into your bones. Mary-Anne will charm you in two tics with one.


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