Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park in Elgin

Discovering the unexpected, one fine day on a dusty road.

Recently I found myself driving the dusty roads of the Grabouw / Elgin area (just over an hour's drive from Cape Town International airport). After driving what seemed forever on Valley Road and asking a farmworker how far I was from a tar road - he vaguely pointed in the distance and mumbled 'nog net 'n entjie juffrou - hou net straight aan' (just a little further miss - just keep going straight), which seemed hardly unlikely as it was a very winding, bumpy and dusty road through the farmlands.  I pursued 'nog net 'n entjie' enjoying the landscape nevertheless and even stopped for a while at this enormous dam or river - I couldn't quite decide.  It seemed to stretch forever.  There was no one about and I hadn't experienced such a sense of quiet in a very long time.  

Is it a dam or is it a river?

After trundling along further, I screeched to a halt, causing more dust when something out of place caught my eye, a sign saying Old Mac Daddy's. Old Mac Daddy's? - what could it possibly mean? It made absolutely no sense, and my curiousity got the better of me.  Ambling through my own dust (you can see it on the pic below can't you), and this is what greeted me.

Once parked, a most unusual picture revealed itself.  A whole lot of silver caravans, parked on a hill, in the middle of nowhere. This was no ordinary trailer park.  Hotelier Jody Aufrichtig is the brainwave behind this trailer park extraordinare.

Old Mac Daddy is the fourth accommodation venture in the Daddy's Group.  This project gave life to Jody's childhood fantasy of a grown-up trailer park.  The other establishments that has been tackled are The Grand Daddy Hotel situated in Capte Town, where the first airstream trailers became known on the rooftop of this hotel.  Old Mac Daddy Trailer Hotel is the rural expression of the good life that Daddy provides in the city.  

Then there is Daddy Long Legs self-catering apartments, also situated in 263 Long Street, Cape Town.  I havn't been to their other establishments, for now Old MacDaddy's is a breath of fresh air.

The trailers were handpicked in USA by partners Jody Aufrichtig and Nicholas Ferguson and imported.  
While waiting for the special cargo to arrive, a call was whispered into the creative community to come up with unique decorating ideas for the trailers.  These had to be unusual and attention to detail was paramount.
More info about this project can be found on their website.   Also on their facebook page showing the revamp progress and the monumentous task of transferring these babies to this hill amongst the pine trees, overlooking a beautiful valley.  

Endless negotiations with authorities and the sheer determination of fulfilling someone's dream resulted in Old MacDaddy's Trailer Park in the picturesque Elgin Valley.

The caravans are linked with walkways.  Each caravan sport another theme, all fitted with a little kitchenette, and a deck overlooking the valley.  The main building has conference facilities, a restaurant and a lovely pool (I presume on stilts) where you can enjoy a sundowner.  A popular place for weddings, private and business gatherings I believe.  

Take a look.

Each trailer has its own postbox

All trailers joined with walk-ways
Even equipped for those cold nights
The view from each trailer
You must like yellow to sleep in this one
Couldn't get enough of the view
Jay, Manager of Old MacDaddy's
Extreme detail to suit each theme

Fishing is allowed and you can rent gear

Camping in the woods
Mills and Boon below - lots of pink and pamper.

Mills and Boone glamour

To get there - navigation on map below.

Map to Old MacDaddy's

Findingprettyagain - yes I did.

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