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Handcarved Porcelain Pots by Jacqui Deane

Small towns often become the hide-away of some very fine artists. Just spend a weekend away from the rat-race and its easy to understand why the likes of writers and potters have succumbed to simple living to produce some of their best creative works.

Pringle Bay, being no exception, is a small town in the heart of the Overberg, an area that stretches along one of South Africa's most pristine coastlines, from the edge of False Bay till Hermanus and beyond. Nature is still very much left to its own devices in this area - just take a drive along the R44 from Gordon's Bay and you'll understand. Within absolute moments you are wrapped in nature - the sea on your right, with Table Mountain in the distance and the fynbos-filled Hottentots Holland mountains on your left.  

Enough beauty to awaken the creative juices in just about anyone I reckon.  No wonder then that some of the finest artists live in these surroundings.  Jacqui Deane is one of them.  

These exquisite porcelain pots are hand-carved and made by Jacqui in her tiny studio / cottage in Pringle Bay.  The detail is magnificent, considering the size of these pots.

A while ago, while on holiday, I saw some of her work in a shop in Plettenberg Bay - the owner being awfully proud when I recognized it.  

I'll begin with my two favourites - the angels and the zebras.  

 Each one - handmade, hand-carved, hand-painted and fired by herself.  

Like lace-work

Hand-carved!  Arn't they beautiful?  The one below of the zebras stole my heart.  Its long and elegant, lovely to hold, beautiful to look at. Imagine when Jacqui hic-cups or the cat (she's a cat-lover like me) jumps on her lap for attention when she's busy working?  Or she gets a 'skrik' when the phone rings (fright).  I 'skrik' easily when I concentrate really hard.  Does she say 'oops' and start again?  These works of art take hours of dedication and concentration.  All evenly spaced.  

A Zebra fitted snugly into a circle - and then hand-painted too.  Oh and as if that's not enough, a semi-precious stone next to it - all perfectly in proportion.  

Forgive me, I tend to use the word 'pretty' too much, (but have a look again at the name of my blog - - it is after all about finding pretty AGAIN in things, people, sitautions and places), but how pretty it must be when a candle lights up this little pot.

I love how Jacqui has ventured in the animal kingdom - like these tortoises.

The pansy shells look and  feel almost like the real ones I have picked up in Plettenberg Bay, many years ago.  
Pansy Shell detail

Playful Giraffes
Ghecko with Semi-precious stones between
The subtle colours are very appealing, and not competing with the intricate design.

Dragon Fly

Jacqui can be contacted via her Facebook Page which is here
or call her!  083 960 2364 (South Africa)

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