Monday, February 25, 2013

Tokara, Stellenbosch

Yesterday morning, an impulsive little trip towards Stellenbosch materialised and I found myself taking the Franschoek turn-off and Tokara caught my eye.  It was well worth exploring.  

Set amidst vineyards and olive plantations with a back-drop of mountains - it couldn't wish for a more perfect setting.  I ended up at the Delicatessen - a short drive from the Main Road.  

As if the breathtaking landscape isn't enough - I was quite taken aback with the architecture and the surprise elements Tokara had to offer.  2 Very large impressive statues stood on guard.

A wooden statue behind the two men of rock, was a wooden scultpure of a man, his dog and presumably his daughter.  It's beautiful.  Even more sculputres waited closer to the restaurant / delhi - and I was quite blown away by the whole caboodle - die hele 'boksemdaais'.  A gorgeous setting, tasteful decor, tempting menu, charming waitrons, choose to sit in- or outdoors on either the inviting couches or at a table.  But be warned - booking is adviseable as I watched disappointed clientele being diverted away from booked tables. 

Large dancing sculptures, with long ears and reminding me of oversized bunnies, were dotted under the trees.  All in all - just a delightful setting.  I succumbed to some cheesecake as recommended by the waitron - and it was great.  Enormous couches in front of a fireplaces promises a great winter escape.
The delhi counters boasted with chocolates and all kinds of temptations.

A delightful imprompto excusion - and quite lovely.

I know!  Seriously wicked, but so delicious.

Another unusual sculpture of a figure with legs in the air - don't you just love the shadow of the first pic below?

Enormous dancing 'bunnies' on the lawn.  Quite delightful - everything about this morning.

Oh, one last thing I have to mention.  Lately I've become more aware of facilities for handicapped people.  From parking, wheelchair access to bathroom facilities. Too many times I have been SO disappointed at the lack of planning and consideration for especially people in wheelchairs.   Tokara gets a gold star for this too and I look forward to another visit with a special friend who is in a wheelchair.

PS Next visit with my special friend is here
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  1. What a lovely place.The sofas look so inviting, The grounds so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The beautiful photos, lovely description, plus easy wheelchair tempts me to visit, I hope soon! xx

  3. Thanks Karin just had a lovely coffee break at my kitchen table meandering through your Tokara and other wonderous visits!
    You have a rare and special talent!!

  4. Fabulous!What a treat for a very special friend.


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