Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wild Horses in Kleinmond

Early Saturday morning, the weather was good, no wind and ideal to go on the Kleinmond lagoon in search of the wild horses who have become quite an attraction to Kleinmond.

I've often blogged about Kleinmond and you'll find links to them on this blog, the most popular being this one.  So without further ado, and before I get distracted, here a few pics.  Not my best, as we couldn't get close enough in my opinion.

We were fortunate to see two Fish Eagles in the distance.  They are very skittish, and unfortunately, once they spotted us, flew off.

We only found three horses and although it seems like the one was aggressive, they were just frolicking and nuzzling.  Twitterpatted? - (an amusing terminology I recall from the movie Bambi).  Regrettably, my shortcoming photography skills combined with the distance equals not the clearest photo's. Add to that the excitement of seeing them, a new camera for my birthday, slippery little 'island' is evident in my somewhat shakey results.

My patient cano-paddler/driver had to contend with my impatientce sometimes when he did not swing the cano around quickly for me to take photo's.  In one such moment when he did not swing it around quick enough in my opinion, while twisting myself, lost my balance and the result is  pictured below.

Fortunately only him and the horses witnessed the embarrassing moment and now that I think of it, I'm sure the spluttering laughter of my cano-paddler was combined with some spluttering snorts from the horses.  Sigh - so, not being able to do anything untill dear patient cano-driver found a little island to help me up out of this undignified position - I just succumbed to the moment and took photo's of .... my FEET!  And of course, he HAD to take this photo to capture the moment.

The undignified event was soon forgotten when I could focus on what we had come for - there ahead of us, as if waiting for us were three darlings.

 Third horse slightly hidden to the left at the back.  See it? The two tick-birds stood around like props.  Could this be a goodmorning kiss?  She seems to be flinching - probably too much slobber.

Shaking the mane! 

Some info about the Rooiwalle area where the horses live the Kogelberg Biosphere can be seen in this   TV programme.  Local photographer Bruce Boyd has developed a passion for the horses and has a most amazing selection of photographs on this website The Wild Ones.  I plan to meet Bruce soon personally - and I look forward to hearing more about his research and passion firsthand.  He compiled fantastic calenders, which was for sale in Kleinmond.  As far as I understood, the profits of this was to be used for further research towards protection of Kleinmond's beloved wild ones. 

Pity we did not come accross more horses, but for now I was happy with this encounter. 

On our way back, there were moments when the water was tranquil, and the serenity of it all quite magical.  The only sounds were the gentle splish splash of the oars of my patient cano-paddler.  
Kleinmond in the distance. What a special morning this was.  

Cano's to rent from Kleinmond Pleasure Boats.

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