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Blaauwklippen and their Fabulous Family Market

Sundays seem to come and go, week after week, without much happening - or is it just me that seem to procrastinate in venturing out of our gate and succumbing to the lazy sleepy Sunday syndrome lately?  This weekend I vowed to change that, donned some lipstick and headed for Blauwklippen, a mere 10 minute drive away.  They, whoever the wonderful 'they' who manage this fine Estate may be, have so much reason to be proud of their heritage, one of South Africa's finest and oldest Wine Estates. 

Vaguely somewhere, some time ago, I seemed to register some sort of market held at Blauwklippen now and then.  The steady stream of cars turning off the R44 should have been a sure indication of something luring.  What an absolute surprise and treat this day turned out to be.  
Simply called the Family Market and started in 2011, its success resulted that it has become a weekly and very popular event.  Endless stalls rangeing from fresh produce, homemade products and crafts and an endless tempting choice of fine cuisine, were dotted and scattered everywhere.

A crooner that reminded me of Crocodile Harris from my youth, pumped out some magnifficent music with his one-man band and kept everyone's feet tapping under the trees.  Plenty of tables and really casual make-shift 'bankies' - a plank balanced on two crates - provided welcome seating for the relaxing crowd.

One visit is not enough to try all the wonderful foods presented there - the fist visit is but to tempt you to go back again, and probably again.

Come, take a stroll with me.
Ghenwa Steingaszner - the beautiful Lebanese Chef
Wandering around and being tempted from one delightful smell to the next, this beautiful lady caught my attention. Lebanese born Ghenwa Steingaszner is as colourful as the food she so obviously is passionate about preparing and presenting.  She also runs a cookery School in Somerset West.
Ghenwa and her colourful table
Crooner reminded me of Crocodile Harris - many moons ago
The versatile Crooner that entertained us with songs rangeing from Lisa se Klavier by Koos Kombuis, Tracy Chapman, David Bowie and many other familiar old favourites.
'Mooi Goed'
Apart from food there were all sorts of stalls, typical of markets
Fresh Lettuce plants that you plonk in a glass of water
Darn - I meant to buy one of these fresh lettuce / herb plants.  Quite a novel idea - you simply plonk it into a glass and harvest it daily until all used.
The Artist as colourful as  her work

No market or 'bazaar' in South Africa is complete with either 'pannekoek' (pancake) or 'roosterkoek' below (a type of yeasty bread grilled on an open fire)
See what I mean?  So many temptations

Kerstin, below, farm with Alpacas in the Paarl District.  The alpacas get shaved like sheep, the wool spun and lovely natural looking products made. Visits are welcome but by arrangement only.

These two Alpacas sat quietly behind Kerstin's stall and were very obliging for photographs, even smiled a little :).  Awfully placid looking creatures.  I believe there are many babies on the farm at present. (Wonder if they accept cuddles).
Colourful little party all set

Why not have a little zzzz

We wondered beyond the Market area towards the Restaurant.  The historical buildings, gardens and scenery is so beautiful.  We live in a great part of the world.  

On an empty patch of lawn, this helicopter was showing itself off.  I couldn't resist a closer look - it was rather tiny inside but I bet it must be magic to have a flip around in her.  My guess is that the pilot came for lunch and that his  name is either Jeff, Chris or Sean from the company Lleat.  Interesting company by the way, they engage in the design and development of cervical spine protection equipment for various forms of motor sports.  The lads on the team have quite an impressive track record.  Love their little mode of transport - think I just added a flip in around the peninsula to my bucket list!
Cheeky man - NOT the pilot - but he's such a patient husband
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For retirement all I wanted was red scooter to buzz around on - now I'd like to add a gentle ride in one like this

 Seeing she stood just there in this beautiful setting, I reckoned she deserved a few photographs  
with some of Blaauwklippens historical buildings in the background.

This beautiful Manor and some of the other buildings seemed too  - should you EVER need a 
Manorsitter that blogs a bit about beautiful places, do contact me please ;)

The historical buildings of Blaauwklippen are well-maintained and the surroundings are perfect. 
Some really old oak trees, lovely gardens and all hugged by the Hottentots Holland Mountains

Love those gables and that old oak tree has surely celebrated its 100th birthday.

A quaint garden cottage embraced by foilage

Grace has settled upon this beautiful old manor

We wandered back through the garden towards the Family Market where things were still in full laid back swing.

 Heartshaped pizza?

 Another colourful foodie - paper thin pizza crust - called FLAMMKUCHEN -yum !
 Temptations from Piroschka's Kitchen

Last, but certainly not last, Kim's Exclusive Catering table has a fantastic 
variety of eats rangeing from sweet to savoury

I certainly found pretty again at Blaauwklippen.  If ever you are in the Western Cape, add this to your to-do list.  Advice?  Go hungry!

Blaauwklippen is situated halfway between Somerset West and Stellenbosch on the R44.

Here are links to some of the places mentioned.

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  1. Hi Karin! Loved it as always. You write so beautifully and your pics are simply fabulous. We really must get together for that coffee. xxx

  2. Thanks very much Helene! And yes, I too look forward to that cup of coffee and to finally meet you. Set it up will you? ;)


  3. Ghenwa's Lebanese Cooking Club sent me this message:

    Dear Karin thank you for all the lovely pictures & for the beautiful articles You are beautiful & that is why you can see & appreciate the pretty things .I promise you when i will have any cooking class I would love to invite you.Please next time at the Market i would like you be my guest & taste my food because my food taste as it look full of color and each color taste very delicious & healthy .Hope to see you again with your beautiful smile .

  4. Piroschka's Kitchen sent me this message:

    Thanks Karin for the wonderful write up in your blog about your Sunday Blaauwklippen Vineyards Family Market. Hope to see you soon again and than you HAVE to have one of our FLAMMKUCHEN!

  5. Thanks you Ghenwa and Piroschka - I look forward to seeing you again.


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