Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lourensford Estate and Frans Groenewald

Somerset West, Western Cape of South Africa is becoming a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the globe.  Words and photographs do not always do a place justice or capture the essence of a place but should at least tease just a little.  Often the most beautiful places are right on your doorstep. This town and the surrounding areas live up to that statement.

Fortunate to live close by, this is one of our local gems.  Lourensford Estate, home to fine local wines, spectacular setting with views of surrounding mountains, steeped in heritage - its a good place to spend a few hours.  

Too  many blogs these days have just too much information about everything, so I prefer to build in a few appropriate links, should you need to know more.  These are just a few random photo's of an autumn morning's wandering around, not really expecting more than the trees and mountains I am always drawn to. But I was to be pleasantly surprised.

Helderberg mountain - framed by two old oaks, on Lourensford farm.

Sleeping Orchards
Hottentots Holland Mountain range covered in whipped cream

Like a tourist in my own town, it was fun strolling around, discovering all kinds of wonderful things like the local Coffee Roasting company which has been there since 2003.  I never knew. My best find of the morning was a tiny studio tucked into a corner and I was so thrilled to meet Frans Groenewald, the illustrating artist well-known for his whimsical style, Vespaghetti.

We had a lovely chat and he was quite happy for me to take photographs of his work and even presented me with two casual sketches I admired!  Frans' work is characterized with quirky word play and often features his two favorite characters Basil the Chef and his free-range chicken, Benedict.

Frans Groenewald - famous for his vespaghetti range

'How to rob an island' and 'I want to break free'
 typical detail  that makes one smile
007 Licensed to Drink
the long and WINEing Road
mmm light and sporty
Quirky mugs and coasters with Frans' designs

And yes, Frans is the owner of this sexy red vespa.  What a fantastic setting to work in.
Wine tasting centre
In the gap of the imposing Leylandi hedge, facing the wine tasting centre.  Turn around on the same spot and you'll see the view below.

Autumn avenue

The Millhouse Kitchen was the perfect place for a light lunch.  

The Millhouse Kitchen with the Helderberg Mountain as backdrop.
The Millhouse Kitchen 
If not for this glorious rustic wall I think the restaurant would have been too clinical.  Perhaps a strong red wall somewhere would have also added a bit zing - but that's my opinion. :)
Lunch was tasty.  There were some other temptations on the menu
worth coming back for some other time

Lourensford - you are indeed  pretty in so many ways.  Your gardens are stunning, the old gracious buildings are so well looked after, the setting is perfect and you know, you're actually such a flirt flaunting yourself here in our town. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us all.

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  1. I drive all the way to Lourensford to get my coffee from the OTHER side of the mountain! You are so right, we live in a beautiful part of the world! Lovely photos Karin!


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