Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A sunny day at Tokara with Sonja

 My Sissi Sonja and I both suffered from cabin fever for two totally different reasons.  Sonja spends most of her time in a wheelchair because a wretched disease called Multiple System Strophy (MSA for short).    MSA may have robbed her of her mobility but not her spunky spirit. Me, on the other hand, have been working myself to a standstill in packing up and moving two homes in one month.  In the Western Cape in South Africa, we are in the midst of winter and its been raining a lot and been bitterly cold.

So, this morning, when the sun greeted me over the mountain, I abandoned boxes and unpacking and kidnapped my Sissi and we went to visit Tokara (which I had explored earlier this year.)  When I visit new places close by, its automatic for me to check its wheelchair friendliness for possible visits with her.  Tokara got all the right ticks with regard to parking, ramps, correct height / widths and customized bathrooms.  Believe me, there are still too many restaurants who still need to give attention to this.  Final tick - friendliness and beautiful setting, surrounded by the Helshoogte mountains, fresh air, sunshine, two girls longing to catch up - the stage was set.

We had a great day.  Thanks Tokara!

(PS the first photo was used on our recent Television debut on a local TV Programme called Kwêla, creating awareness for MSA).  Some info here on our MSA Blog.


To die for Platter
It was as good as it looks

Designer sundried tomato, humus, cheese shandwhich
View onto Helshoogte mountains
Cozy too for colder days
Thanks Tokara

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