Monday, September 23, 2013

The Travelling Cupcake Shoppe

One UNfine bleary and cold day in Somerset West - what a cheerful sight this was.  Despite the miserable cold weather we have been experiencing in the Helderberg lately, the Travelling Cupcake Shoppe braved the elements and stood there like a pretty picture on the Steynsrust bridge, a familiar place these days for vendors to sell some goods.  Today he was the only one there and although a tad rushed, I couldn't resist to see what this was all about.

Cupcake Paul (the handsome chef) is always on the prowl for hungry souls to tempt, with Janis' (the pink combi)  brimming with batches of freshly baked cupcakes.  To find out where they are prowling on the day, check on their Facebook page or Twitter.

The combination was totally irresistable - a bright pink combi named Janis and a cheery chef in full attire with the apt name of Cupcake Paul, with a freshly baked batch of cupcakes.  

Cupcake Paul and Janis the Combi
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Another client took the bait
Looking good from all angles
Janis and her cute pink butt!
Pink Wheels
A glimpse through the wet rear window - see the pink chair? :)
Cupcake Paul has reason to smile
Janis was rescued and beautifully restored for her retirement.
She looks pretty dandy with a new lease on life I reckon.
Beautifully presented - how does one choose?
Sparkling white seats nogal
Tea anyone?

The cakes were delicious by the way Paul.  

Don't you just love the whole idea?    

I found Pretty and Pink right on my doorstep.  Keep them coming Paul. 
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  1. You people living in the area, should really support Cupcake Paul and Janis. Believe me - it is so worth it!


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