Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waterkloof Wine Estate, Somerset West

Sometimes I think that certain places are kept quiet to keep themselves from being discovered, almost like a little secret.  I've heard the name Waterkloof Wine Estate  but today was the day to explore and go find out for myself.

Waterkloof is set in a magnifficent setting high against the slopes of lower hills  of the Hottentots Holland mountains en route to Sir Lowry's Pass.  They boast with connoisseur wines and fine dining for the most discerning palate.

There are quite few suprising elements worth reading more about that I was totally unaware of, for instance their dedication to biodynamic and organic farm methods. 

Treat yourself if you are in the area.  Literally five minutes out of the CBD of Somerset West.  

Find them here.

Restaurant flaunting itself here in the corner

Views to make you sigh - looking towards Gordons Bay
I was the only one admiring the garden - lovely use of plants

A h.u.g.e. inviting fire place with generous seating all round
Vast open spaces
Impressive spaces

Views to make you sigh - looking towards Gordons Bay
Towards the Helderberg
Near the fire where I had a fine cuppacino
Snow peeking under the clouds

Crisp table linen
I lingered here a while

Sweeping view with horses in the valley
Shhhh - we're becoming fine wines

I loved the indigenous (of course) garden
Restaurant flaunting itself here in the corner

You can see forever 

I was the only one admiring the garden - lovely use of indigenous plants

Vineyards still asleep
Block 1A - planted in 2005

Snow-capped mountains under the clouds

Towards Sir Lowry's Pass

The clouds finally lifted for this pic of the snow


I've grown up here and have never seen this view until today

Hottentots Holland Mountains covered in snow

View over False Bay towards Cape Point
Wheel Chair Parking - another box ticked
Other interesting snippets - weed management by horse and cart.  

Note:  Since my friend has become wheelchair bound because of MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), I take special note of wheelchair accessibility and from now on will give special mention on this topic. I like to take her to places that are within an easy morning's drive that can accommodate us. Sadly many fantastic restaurants neglect this important area - Waterkloof scored well in taking this aspect into consideration.

WHEELCHAIR  FRIENDLY:  Parking is level, spacious and near the front door.  Access is level into restaurant.  Wheelchair patron bathroom is within easy access.  Spacious.  Grab-rails are in place. Table height and width will have to be checked whether a wheelchair can fit comfortably under it.

We hope to visit in the near future.

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  1. Yay! A beautiful wheelchair friendly place with excellent food! When are we going? xx


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