Monday, October 7, 2013

Peace in the garden of Helderberg Hospice

Recently I spent a bit of time at Helderberg Hospice where a dear old aunt spent her last few days.  I went for a stroll in their garden and found peace for my sad heart.  This garden is lovingly tended to by volunteers and patients and visitors can linger here as often and as long as they want.

Known in our community for their compassionate care and support, it makes me wonder how many people have been affected by this place.

Having a soft spot for gardens and gardening myself,  it was quite a privilege to participate in their charity event last year when I opened my garden for them. 

Despite the dreary weather that day,  Hospice' garden was eager to show off a little and I dedicate this post to Aunt Boudie Whitehead who spent her last days in the loving care of the kind people at Helderberg Hospice.  RIP dear Boudie.
The Geranium Maderense was in full bloom and as you'll see they were so eager to pose in quite a few photo's. 
 I have such a soft spot for both Geranium Maderense as well as Arum Lillies -
and here they grow, side by side.

Now isn't this just a sight for sore eyes.  The sun even peeped a little to add touches of highlights.

Pride of Madeira 

It looks like a Bignonia Sherere trailing over the pergola which should make a 
splendid show in summer
Inca Lillies getting ready to put on a show
Thank you Geranium Maderense - you've done well


Thank you Helderberg Hospice.


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