Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Autumn in Stellenbosch and a cute Bookshop named Verbatim

The changeing rhythm of Stellenbosch remain a constant charm, no matter what the season.  In the heat of summer the legendary oak trees bring welcome relief  to desperate heatwaves.  In winter their stark silhouettes allow the sun to warm our cold bones.  Spring will blow your socks off when the thousands of trees sprout their new leaves.  And let's not forget our autumn, one of my favourite months.  The leaves come down by their zillions lining the streets and side-walks.  OK - I know there's mess involved, but really, when the northern wind lifts and swirl them - I just want to be a child again and kick and jump in piles of these leaves.

Yesterday was a perfect early winter's day to take a short drive on one of my favourite routes, the Jonkershoek Road.  I so loved my visits to Una van der Spuy at Ou Nectar and paused briefly at the gate reminiscing.

Its autumn in the Western Cape and the leaves were pouring down like confetti on my car - the smells of autumn always intoxicate me a little.  Anyway, here are a few pics of a morning drive, a brief stop at Postcard Cafe (which sadly was closed as it was Monday), and I was so desperate for a cup of coffee.  I did take note of the wine-tasting spot on the water's edge for future reference though. Right now, I needed coffee - not wine. Find them on Facebook too.

Near Old Nectar
 I just had to pull of the road for a moment 
Postcard Cafe
Sadly closed on a Monday but pefect spot for a few photo's

Still at Postcard Cafe
Follow the Boardwalk for the perfect winetasting spot

Looking back

Winetasting on the water's edge

View towards car park.
So happy about the duck swimming for the photo

Have to come back here for some wine tasting.
Such a pity - no coffee and scones

Got to go find coffee!

Back towards my car.
See that?  A castle on the hill?

Side view of Postcard Cafe

Will have to find out about that castle

Vines starting to change colour.  Castle in the distance.

Mountains and lake equals tranquility
Disappointed that I could not have a cuppa here in the midst of tranquil beauty, I trundled back into town to please my cuppacino thirst and a snack, right opposit Portchie's colourful gallery, the Red Teapot Studio.  I had a delightful morning with him on another occasion.  With a bit of time to kill afterwards, I ended up in one of Stellenbosch's charming little shops, Verbatim Bookstore, a delightful bookshop on the corner of Dorp and Andringa Streets.  Julie Kidd, the owner, is as charming as her bookstore where she takes great care in handpicking a special selection of books. Its just lovely and so worth a visit.  I think next time a cup of coffee on that little red couch in the winter sun is a must for me.

Delightful owner of Verbatim, Julie Kidd

Books books books and a cute little red couch

Wish I had more time to linger

Find Verbatim also on Facebook.
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  1. Dear Sissi, I loved tagging along, discovering the little gems in our area via your beautiful photos. Love you and your blog. Sissi Sonja

  2. Hi Karin, mal oor jou blog, gaan van nou af dit volg. Ek & my ma het ook vir tannie Una gaan besoek 'n paar mnde voor haar dood. So bly om d interessante bookshop te sien. Ek sien jy het 'n interest in interior design, het jy dalk iemand om aan te beveel vir slipcovers in d Somerset Wes of Strand area? Ek sal fotos ens verskaf, baie baie dankie x


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