Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pretti Cool and All in Knysna

Knysna effects me in many ways.  Parts of it feels like that favourite old t-shirt that I just can't toss because its there for those days when its the only thing I want clinging to my skin.  There are smells and sounds that remind me of places that I thought I had forgotten - good places - faint; vague and nostalgically familiar. 

Apart from the personal favourites - mostly the quieter spots - the other day I ended up in an industrial place of all things and met up with someone I had been communicating for a while.  Helena from Pretti Cool Products runs her business from here and is surrounded by a few other neat places. Such a vibrant atmosphere yet not the frenzy of the city at all.  

Without boring you with too many words, let's look at a few pictures and see a few of the many faces of beautiful Knysna.

A boat just lying there, looking pretty and all.

Water, reflections and an early morning fish charmer.  He caught one - a shiny grunter who in turn charmed the angler  into
releasing him again - to live another day.

The waterfront 

One of the saddest things ever, is the day the Outeniqua Chootjoe stopped going due to rail damage after enormous
storms.  Lets hope that someone with enough influence will convince the right authorities to reinstate this tradition.
Even the website is outdated.  Sad sad sad
But wait, is there light at the end of the tunnel?  Have a look here also.  Please forward to all train enthusiasts to support.
Now, back to my visit to that place in Nobel Street in the Industrial area when I went looking for Helena of Pretti Cool Products.  We chatted and connected like old friends - despite only communicating via the social media for quite some time.  We nattered away in the cutest coffee shop, right there on her doorstep, White washed, which soon filled up with other people who have obviously also discovered this little gem here in this odd place.  So if you venture there - don't be put off by the industrial looking neglected surroundings - carry on until you see this little place and you'll be 'there'.  Good coffee, wicked home made goodies and good atmosphere.  The girls were too busy for me to chat to them.  Will try to find their Facebook page to place a link.  Ah, here it is - Whitewashed.  (Note I am actually an Afrikaans girl of origin and I probably express myself best in it, but for the benefit of all, English it will be.  But forgive me if I just have to toss in a few words of my mother tongue now and then).

Jy weet wanneer jy op 'n  plek beland en dis so 'n lekker verrassingsgevoel - dis nou hier.  En hier is so  'n konglommerasie van interessante plekkies opeengehoop.  Ek hou van 'akkies en kakkies' soos my familie my spot - ouerige goeterjasies wat op die onmoontlike plekke gesit is en wat vir jou sê 'hiertjy kyk hoe lyk ek nou!'

Whitewashed Coffee Shop.  More of them later.
After coffee Helena dragged me into a Sandra Pelser's studio, directly behind Whitewashed - entrance next to the 'PeePee' sign.    Sandra produces these exquisite paintings - mostly of women.  She has mastered a dry brush technique which has taken her years to perfect.  I love the slightly mysterious look these ladies of her have - so half tergend - teasing, or tempting the buyer no doubt.  Have a look on her page S Pelser Art.

Artist Sandra Pelser

The Studio
Across the way was another artist that busies herself with screenprinting and expresses herself creatively by incorporating some recycled items.  Such a lot of talent in that small space.

Chair outside Whitewashed
A few more of Whitewashed.

The courtyard behind Whitewashed.  Mooi ne?

Love the old potted chair under the PeePee sign

Last not but by no means least.  Helena of Pretti Cool Products,  my actual reason for coming here, was a busy little bee with her operation but made as if she had all the time in the world to accommodate me.  Here is a bit of her world - this quilt behind her desk reminds me of her - colourful, fun and sees life from various angles.

Helena's quilt a friend made for her
Helena designs quirky packaging for a range of her own products.  Her original slogans and sayings are true to her mother tongue, also Afrikaans and many of them brings a snigger and a smile.  Here's a few. Long before I met Helena, I found her products in a few shops on my wanderings.  Her sense of humor and fun is contagious.
Lees mooi.  Seep vir 'n Dapper Muis,  Koekie Seep vir die hele lyf.  Seep vir Skoonma.  Mother's are always right
... even when they are wrong and haar nuwe blitsverkoper Parraseep (vir die hele lyf).  EN - die seep ruik almal so lekker.

Who understands this better than me and my sometimes unruly hair

Tee vir Arty Vrouens (lekker tee)

Elvis van 'n ander Ma hou wag voor Helena se deur

Helena (extreme right) with her cheerful team

Kwaai Bettie!

Knysna, beautiful Knysna.  You do have so many colourful people and places.
Thanks for stopping by - this was just a few of Knysna's faces.  Another favourite place is Belvidere Holy Trinity Church.  Another day, another face.  Look here.


  1. Wat 'n lekker blog!
    So lekker gelees.
    Lots of blessings

    1. Baie dankie. Gaan loer gerus ook in vir 'n bietjie Afrikaans.


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