Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wonderful Wilderness and Moontide

Wilderness is one of those forever charming little places that we often whiz passed - either on our way to Knysna and beyond or the other way towards Cape Town.  Everyone should stop over sometime and actually spend a day or two there and it will make you realize why some people choose to live there permanently.  Its really a little paradise.  

We love going to Knysna -  also a lovely place of which I've blogged many a time - and not too long ago decided to stay over at Moontide in Wilderness en route.   Rescued and beautifully restored by Maureen Mansfield, during the 1980's, it was surely saved from ruin.  Built in the 1920's, one can only imagine how wonderfully unspoiled it must have been back then.

Wilderness is quite the ideal base from which to explore the Garden Route and even the Klein Karoo. Beautiful but sometimes busy Knysna is a mere 25 minutes away. Another 20 minutes to Plettenberg Bay while Oudtshoorn, famous for the Cango Caves, Ostriches and crocs - an hour's drive.  Mountain passes, lakes and ocean views make each drive a pleasant outing.

Wilderness is a small town with quaint shops and lovely walks along the board walk where one can really just be one with nature.  

One does not need a lot of words to justify a visit here.  I think the pictures are convincing enough.

There are so many lovely places to stay in Wilderness - Moontide was certainly a good choice

I think we stayed in
Moonriver Suite and its really as pretty as the pictures on their website.

That bed looked so inviting - but too much to explore for now 
Tasteful decor 

Even with a ladder leading to a little loft

Nice touches everywhere

The perfect spot for a dip on a hot summers day or a sundowner

A piece of wood rescued and given a second chance

Up the staircase to this charming loft.  Spot the paw prints?  Will make an effort to find my visitor

Love the smell, texture and look of thatch

Its so cozy - let's pause here a little while

Any person who makes an effort to save trees and work around them get my healthy respect.
400 year old Milkwood trees standing firm and tall.

Everywhere is a reason to pause - I didn't realize the trees were 400 years old.  I should have given them a hug.

When you do a 360 turn from the previous picture - this is what you see.
Talk about difficult choices of what deserves the most attention here.

Let's go into the communal lounge and restaurant.  I imagine with the fire place lit in winter and that pile of books and that seriously comfortable looking couch, one could spend hours if not days here.

High ceilings, lovely lamps and of course, our Country's famous national flower and most flamboyant fynbos specimen - the Protea Cynroides - completes the scene

Similar to a previous one but its so lovely it deserves to be repeated
How could I resist another little rest (ps my feet hovered in the air for the pic :) )

Touches of Africa

Outside - coffee and scones would have been perfect here

Tim, the friendly Manager, checking that the view is perfect for the guests

Aha - the evidence of the footprints in the loft room! - sitting close to Tim and checking that the view is behaving itself.  It was.

Want to go for a row / paddle?

I peeped into one of the other rooms - close to the water's edge.
There were petals on the bed and champagne in a cooler.  Hmmm - set for a romantic interlude?

Must be cozy when that fireplace is lit

Just watching out for you
The walk way stretches all along the lagoon

Relaxing along the water's edge is effortless
Lots of bird life - some ducks going for a morning swim

A boat?
Plenty of overhanging trees carefully trimmed to make  you still feel that you are being hugged by nature.  Spot the bird in the tree?

A clump of bright daisies close to the walk way.  Moontide across the way.

On a peddle boat - with a strong peddler - so I could take pictures

Had some company along the way.  Rather kind of the boat to just lie there,
 waiting for this photo.  Even with a hint of reflection.  
Of course the bright yellow bird posed just for this photo

Perfect for a boat ride

I wonder if these people don't want to sell - must be lovely to live here :)
Peek-a-boo - I see you

And there we are back at Moontide - time for a sundowner

Tranquil waters, reflections, quiet - nature and bliss

Across the lagoon - a boy and his dog - both on his board.
I regret not having a strong zoom lens here

The welcome back committee and also phantom footprint leaver

Set for breakfast - sigh - yep time to say goodbye to Wilderness and Moontide.  

You've left me with lovely memories Moontide - who knows - maybe one day I'll come visit again. Thank you.

About Knysna here and  here and here
About Plettenberg Bay here


  1. It looks stunning. Thank you.

  2. On my bucket list. How lovely it looks.


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